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3 things you can do to stop feeling tired and start acting now

Lots of long-lasting accumulated duties, constantly thinking of an idea you want to put into practice, but is still feels as an abyss between imagination and reality. Most of the times, we owe this to our mind playing tricks and we paralyse with fear, or perhaps we feel overwhelmed when we face all we believe we must do. Our duties seem to surpass us, and we doubt we will be able to handle it all. After such a big pressure, we end up more tired and confused, and among so much doubt, we end up doing nothing of what we were supposed to. And it is that inaction makes us feel worse, cause guilt and disappointment eclipse any sort of motivation we may have.

You are not alone in this feeling, many people who live under chronic stress have that sensation as well, and they become paralysed in front of big decisions or critical times. If that is your case too, I'll give you below a few tips that have helped me leave that in the past, to finally enjoy the rewards of your project's results.

Learn to administrate your energy

The first step is to seek for inspiration to get motivation. Surround yourself by positive activities, places and people. When you do so, you fill yourself of that amazing vitality that impulses us to take initiative in our lives, unlike when we spend time on things and people who seem to drain it. Other ways of increasing your energy are by having a good rest, moderate exposure to the Sun, healthy diet, physical activities, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Make your to-do lists

It might sound silly, but making lists of your duties, activities, and tasks, help you get organised beforehand, free up space and de-clutter your mind. Quite often, when we write the tasks down, we discover that the list was not as long as we expected or thought to be, aiding us in feeling less overwhelmed. Hence, you'll feel a considerable saving in your energy.

Start with small steps

If your goal is big and it frightens you, or maybe you don't know where to start, or which way to take, take what is called as "Massive Imperfect Action". Even if it's just a few small steps at a time, start with what feels most comfortable with, and only with that, you are closer to your objective and the wheel will overcome inertia to start moving forward. Once in movement, it'll be much easier to decide a strategy. It is precisely about doing, massive and imperfectly, so jump into it without waiting to have everything under control, as there will be plenty of time later to correct the course.

If you think these were helpful and you have applied them in your life, please let me know in the comments below, it might also encourage others to take action. Feel welcome to share your ow tips too!

Don't forget you can always count on a Coach to help you achieve your results faster!

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