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3 tips to keep you motivated

Phewww.... whether in a work project, sport or gym attendance, diets, this is definitely one of the most common ones I've seen lately. Motivation. Let's face it, we are all humans, and loosing motivation from time to time is part of our essence. But, it doesn't always have to be the same way. As I usually claim, we are responsible for everything that happens in our life, cause we are in full control of it. There is always something we can do about it. Reason why, I thought it would be useful this time to give you a set of recommendations to stay motivated.

Figure out the why

This is perhaps the MOST important thing to consider. If there is no reason why you are doing what you are doing, if there is no goal, if there is no place or situation to look up to, it is likely to fail in the long term. Keeping in mind everyday the WHY we help you feel motivated, overcome any obstacles or backfires, resistances, "bad luck seasons", etc., etc.. Knowing your WHY will keep you aligned, as it will be more powerful than any issue you may find in your path.


Having said all above, it is time to choose. You now know why - or what for - you are doing it, and what it will bring you. You also know what you'll be missing if you don't keep making the effort. Hence, you get to choose. Every morning, when you see the vision board, you will remember your goal, so you can either take the path to success, and make the best out of that day to get closer to your objective, or you can go opposite direction. You choose :-)

Get an accountability partner (or a Coach! ;-) )

If you are still feeling a little lazy, getting a friend or a coach might help you feel more motivated. Quite frequently we become more committed if there is someone else depending on our will, or pushing us to. There is an implicit commitment to not let down our friend or coach, because they also rely on us and our effort - particularly our friend -. Besides, activities can be so much more pleasant in company than alone! Doesn't time fly when we walk with our friend while we chat and gossip compared to when we do it on our own?

Hope you've found these useful, feel welcome to leave your comments telling your own techniques, and your opinion about this post. If you liked it, please don't forget to share it with the world!

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