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4 things you can do to improve your Creativity

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Have you ever felt there are moments when you wish to be more creative, but feel there are blockages, and that such inspiration does not come to you so naturally? When we talk about creativity, many often think it refers to an sculpture, or a piece of art; however, creativity is not only that, but a huge essential part of our lives, that can be even useful for finding answers to our work responsibilities or everyday duties. Check out these tips for you to implement them, and improve your creativity:

1. Diet

It is fundamental to take care of our daily ingest to make it healthy and balanced, by incorporating foods such as fresh fruit and veggies, to take full advantage of vitamins and minerals supply. You should, therefore, avoid any processed stuff at all times. This will help you offset harmful effects of stress in body and mind. Remember, “Healthy body, healthy mind” if we want ours to shine when we seek for inspiration and creativity.

2. Don’t judge yourself, nor pretend to be perfect!

I know, this is a tough one, it happens to all of us. Blessed the one who can stop that little voice in our heads!

Quite often, when we try brainstorming, we can surely come up with a whole bunch of great ideas, but we systematically reject them, for whatever reason and that is. Oh gosh, we are so used to this! Most of these times, there are at least 3 limitations or excuses per idea we have. This practice make us focus again on negative instead of positive, and would generate more blockages in creativity. Besides, and more than once, the initial idea becomes a trigger for more interesting and better one, so it would be a pity to discard it from the beginning.

This is the same applicable criteria when we are brainstorming in groups, since when we judge, we are inhibiting potential great ideas, as none of the collaborators would want to be judged by their idea, ergo, he or she will note share it with the group, and this will not continue the right process of creation. It is then better to have an evaluation instance later to see the viability of the ideas.

In addition to this, how many of us have felt if it is not perfect, we do not grant validity to it? In conjunction with judgment, perfectionism one of the most harmful habits when we are seeking for creativity, because reject awesome ideas from the beginning just because they are not perfect. What is more, when we are seeking for perfection, we are also generating stress and blockages, which is exactly what we want to avoid.

3. Relax

Following under the same line, stress is something we must definitely avoid. Although there are times when we happen live edgy situations, we seem to become more creative than usual in order to sort out the immediate danger. And we even surprise ourselves about how well we reacted, as otherwise we would have never imagined us doing so - thank your unconscious mind for that -. However, those situations are limited. And thank goodness they are, because that level of stress is not healthy!

Although there is “good” and “bad” stress, we all know by now that living under constant pressure is not positive for our body and can bring along health issues. The more we relax, the more we flow. And the more we flow, the more creative ideas we have. I am sure you have been able to prove this to be true while on holiday leave, or at times when we are enjoying most, is when we see the more creativity flowing to us, which takes us to the next bullet point.

4. Play and have fun

Apart from relaxing, when we play we learn to see if things differently, and this favours the flux of creativity. What is more, the positive state that playing and having fun generates on us helps us vibrate in higher frequency and obtain major amounts of inspiration. When we play there are no risks, no prejudice, there is nothing important to lose (with the exception of the game itself). As a consequence, all the blocks that we normally put in the real life simply fade away, and this allows us to think clearly and without restrictions on different possibilities that perhaps we haven’t contemplated before.

No wonder why Google applies this strategy at their headquarters...

Hope these work well for you, let us have your comments on this article. Remember, sharing is caring!

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