• Maria Emilia Soldavini

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with Mindfulness

It is very common to see that our mind - because it is its true nature, even if we are the most optimistic on Earth - keeps us busy thinking all case scenarios to a situation, including worse ones, that may - but most of the times, may not - happen. This is when we start to feel fear of things or facts that are not even occurring, they are just in our mind, only to generate stress in our bodies. Mindfulness helps preventing fear from taking control over us, as it quietens our mind chatter. When practiced every day, it encourages us to be fully aware of the current moment, and when this happens, our present-focused mind is not constantly “traveling” to the future and past, back and forth. As a result, we become more centred, and conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression can be reduced or improved. By being more present, we also find life more enjoyable, we live fully, let our relationships flourish and work out perfectly.

I would suggest this simple technique for you to practice daily. It could be either incorporated by formally meditating, or by just being aware during the day of your own thoughts, leaving all judgement aside, and not identifying with them. They are just thoughts, not your Real You. ​​Since you will not be wasting or giving away this huge amount of energy the mind chatter consumes, you will be saving all of it for being prepared and accomplishing the whole lot of activities you do want and enjoy in your day. You will also be fully present in the moment, to give the very best version of yourself. This technique will be particularly useful if you suffer from anxiety, fears, anger, depression, stress, as it can be combined with other therapies. When applied to Life Coaching for instance, it allows better clarity and understanding of all your own needs and objectives, by calming the mind chatter, as well as by being able to be more focused, aligned and centred, resulting in extra joy.

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*The content of this article is not intended as a substitute for care from a physical or mental therapist, or other health care professional. Individuals should always consult with a mental health care professional for answers to personal health questions.

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